Statue (Right)

Regular price $999.00

Make a statement at your mausoleum entrance, graveyard scene, or spooky garden, with a mournful masterpiece. This weathered faux stone statue exudes an aura of sorrow that will send chills through your guests as they sneak by.

Part of a 2-piece set, available HERE.

We will contact you to quote and take payment for balance of shipping once order is complete. 


Freight shipping charges will apply, usually in the range of $200-$350 within the US. Or pick up in northern NJ. 


  • Standing life-size figure. 
  • Foam-filled latex core body with thick, quality latex head and hands.
  • Flat back, with a full look from clothing
  • Welded steel base
  • Handmade and individually hand painted



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