Christmas Future

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Are you ready to face your future? The overbearing stature and ominous presence of The Ghost of Christmas Future adds the perfect amount of foreboding, spine-chilling fear to your seasonal display. Just be careful what you wish for -- this ghost may just show you a future you're not prepared to face.

Part of a 5-piece "A Christmas Carol" photo op, available HERE.



  • Standing larger than life-size figure. A
  • Foam-filled latex core body with thick, quality latex hands.
  • Flat back, with a full look from clothing
  • Metal poles for lower body- shoulders and head are a foam-filled latex piece. 
  • Welded steel base
  • Handmade and individually hand painted
  • Ships freight
  • - shipping will be quoted when production is completed. Please allow 2 months for production. 



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